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Making Cuban coffee ‘espuma’

Cuban style espresso is all about the preparation, and the loud conversation that follows.

  • Brew espresso in a 3 cup stove top espresso maker. (Moka pot works best)
  • Add 4 teaspoons of sugar into a large cup. (Optional: Add a dash of salt)
  • Wait for very first draw of espresso, pour a couple teaspoons of that into the sugar. Let espresso finish brewing.
  • Beat the first draw of espresso and sugar into a thick caramel colored foam ‘espuma’.
  • When espresso finishes brewing, gently stir espresso into the ‘espuma’.
  • Enjoy and talk very loudly. ;)


Another option is to brew in a regular coffee maker. Add milk, sugar and make café con leche (coffee and milk).



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