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About Us

Abuela Mami Coffee first started as Abuela Mami (a Cuban subscription box) in December of 2015. The coffee company did not develop until early 2018 by brothers Humby Valdes and Kiki Valdes. The brothers wanted to provide the best possible organic coffee with a smooth taste.

Our history goes a bit deeper

The Valdes and Ferrer families operated a small family grocery store from the early 1970’s until the late 1980’s. The family collaborated with local roasters and provided espressos and coffee for commuters and lunch crowds. The bustling nature of the business always stayed with the brothers. Just above the store lived Abuela Mami, that’s what the brothers called their grandmother. The strong smell of espresso was everywhere when the brothers would get home from school and run upstairs from the family store. 

Our Grandmother inspired the name of the coffee brand.

Abuela Mami Coffee represents love of family and true treasured memories.