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Cafecito Explosion!

Has your cafetera ever exploded on you?  

Have you ever forgotten to add the upper filter on your cafetera? If you remove it for cleaning don't forget to put it back. Your coffee might explode if you don't!

It recently occurred to one of our own here at Abuela Mami Coffee, while producing the video above. He almost burned his face because he was standing very close to the pot. Luckily it was not very serious. The end product made a hilarious video where we decided to educate friends and family on this matter.

Abuela Mami Coffee is all about education and great tasting coffee. This is why we went to great lengths to provide an organic coffee that is low in acidity and no aftertaste. It's also great with no sugar since our coffee naturally is very flavorful. Drink it Black!

It's certified USDA Organic and it's roasted in Miami, FL

What has your experience been with our coffee? What is that you say?
You have not tried it yet?  Did you know we provide it in Whole Bean, Ground for Espresso and Ground for Regular coffee (Kcup reusable) ground? 

Try it today and give us your feedback and write a review.

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