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Decaf: 4 Things to know about our new Organic Decaf coffee

Our new Miami Twilight Organic Decaf coffee is here! It’s our signature medium dark roast prepared for decaf. Here is an informative list of valuable things to know before you give organic decaf a try.

1. We use the Swiss Water Process

By talking with many of our customers face to face, email and social media; we quickly discovered there was a need for Miami Twilight in decaf. 

Swiss Water Process uses the elements of water, temperature and time. However, the taste is just as good and smooth as our caffeine Miami Twilight version! It’s pretty incredible. 

The raw coffee beans sit in a water extract and slowly releases all the caffeine and flavor  molecules. The water is then repeatedly filtered through activated charcoal. This filtering removes the caffeine molecules to 99.9%.  The now caffeine-free flavor rich water, that the beans sit in, is then boiled away. As the water boils away the flavor molecules get reintroduced with the raw beans. The raw beans are then removed, dried and shipped to Miami for roasting.

This technique was invented in Switzerland (hence the name) in 1933. The Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company of Burnaby, British Columbia is the only plant that produces decaf this way in all of North America.

If you are wondering, Yes. Our beans are shipped to Canada and back before roasting.

2. Millennials love decaf

When you think of decaf coffee, one quickly thinks of our aging parents or abuelos preferring decaf for health reasons. This really isn’t the case anymore, all age groups are turning to decaf. As a matter of fact, there are studies out today that state Millennials are the biggest consumers of decaf coffee and consumption.

America’s coffee culture has become that, coffee culture and people enjoy the taste but not always the jolt of energy that comes with it. Decaf sales are growing and more clean options need to be in the marketplace. Who would have thought?

We’ve spoken with a number of customers who haven’t settled on a preferred coffee brand for decaf. It’s always an after-thought for brands and many are just not very good. “Oh, you don’t drink coffee? Too bad for you” will never come out of our mouths! We are aware of people's health issues and other personal choices in avoiding decaf. We understand, we heard the call and we listened.

3. We are certified organic by the USDA

Our decaf coffee is USDA organic and certified by CCOF.  We want the very best coffee for an affordable price.

Specialty coffee is not $3 folks. That’s the cheap stuff. You will always know with Abuela Mami Coffee that we don’t use any kind of genetic engineering or weird chemicals. Having our certification you will know you have the best coffee, period. 

The organic seal on our bags of coffee means we follow strict rules at every stage of the production process. This can assure you that you can trust us in having clean coffee at every stage of the process. Quality organic coffee and decaf is our number one goal to our customers.

4. Roasted in Miami, FL.

Being first generation Americans and calling Miami, Florida our home means a lot to us. We were born here and it’s a place known all over the world for it’s luscious beaches, sunny weather and Cuban coffee.

Most of the large popular coffee companies in Miami are not even based here. They might have slick sales teams but the main headquarters are not in Miami. Even worse, most don't roast here either. Roasting right here in the Magic City is what makes Abuela Mami Coffee more special.

We love and understand our community and want to share it all over the world. Abuela Mami would be proud.

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